27 August 2020 Trash Update

We owe a debt of gratitude to the management and Staff of ProLimpia.  They were presented a challenge and have responded exceptionally.  Make sure you thank them as you interact with them.

  • Service will return to normal days of pickup.
  • If you see areas littered such as Entradas, etc, you can report them via WhatApp message to Felipe Borges. 999-947-1071.
  • If you see dumping or anything just not right, call or text Ecology, 999-359-0369 on WhatsApp.  If you fail to receive a response, please advise us team@beachareanews.com .

Most important is the effort now to register individuals, assign the proper fees and pay those fees so that your service can continue.   These efforts are being extended to Visitors and Tourists.

  • Those individuals whom have a Prolimpia bill and paid for the entire year at the $200 Pesos per month,  can e-mail Yaremi Zarate  a copy of their bill, Visa, and Prolimpia account number: Yaremi.zarate@ayuntamientodeprogreso.gob.mx.   She will reduce your bill for September-December to $70 a month and apply any overpayment as a credit, which can be applied to 2021 fees due.  There will be not be a rebate or credit for the first 8 months of the year.
  • Those individuals who have not registered with Prolimpia and have a Water Bill, and have Permanent Resident Visas, will need to register, receive a Prolimpia bill/invoice and bring their account up to date. (A good example of how to do that is already posted by Lisa Dart Robertson on multiple sites).
  • Those with Temporary Resident Visas will need to register, and bring their account up to date.  They can have their fees reduced from the $200 fee to $100 pesos.  You will need the same documents as stated above. Predial must be for 2020.
  • Those individuals that do not have water Service from the City, either because it was never hooked up or you officially withdrew service, need to register.  You will need a CFE bill, Copies of your Visa and proof of payment of Predial 2020. Providing GPS coordinates of their location will be helpful. You will need to go to the office.   Lisa Dart Robertson has posted details of the process on multiple sites.
  • Landlords are responsible for paying fees.  Please advise your landlords of these requirements.  As an incentive, Landlords can receive the $100 fee.  If from Merida, a valid drivers license will serve as ID when paying the $100 fee.  If your landlord resides in the Progreso Municipality, the fee can be $70.  (If a Mexican, a copy of drivers license is acceptable.  If Foreign owner, a copy of their Visa is necessary).

All of these discounts are for a limited time.  Come mid September, and the discounts will no longer be available.

This program will remain a work in progress. Updates will be provided as needed.

There are other programs being developed to minimize the littering of the community.  Recycling, etc.  Stay tuned for that info.

Thanks to all in being part of the solution and keeping our community clean.