Newsletter 2 July 2019

Good day to all!

Summer is here.   We hope all have found their own way to deal with the heat.  It is here to stay, but the summer rains will cool us in the afternoons.


Over the last several weeks, we have become more aware of break-ins.  In some of those break-ins, security measures may have been ignored.  With summer comes the influx of vacationers and the criminal element that follows them.  In the majority of cases we know that the criminal element is just looking for opportunity.  We encourage everyone once again to review your security measures and make sure your home is protected.

There are many security tips detailed here on our website,  You should also review the updated police phone numbers and measures to take should you experience a break in.  All of that information is on our Security Brochure!  Download and print it, and keep it handy.


We are now in Hurricane Season.  We have been blessed over the past years with some mild storms, but avoided major direct hits.  The past does not predict the future in this case!  Ensure you have reviewed what steps you will take in case of this emergency, including your exit plan from the beach areas.

Stay safe, stay cool, and stay positive for our great community.

Bob Rentz, Speranza Avram, Karen Cloutier, Dave Bloch, David Nevers
The BeachAreaNews Team