29 November 2019 Newsletter


The City of Progreso is pleased to announce the launch of its new service designed to help foreign residents and visitors living or visiting in Progreso.  The Foreigners Attention Service Team (F.A.S.T) is now available to answer your questions – in English! – about any type of city service: garbage, water, non-emergency police matters, paying your property taxes, city events and more.  They will also offer a referral service to provide information on other types of service providers.  The manager of FAST is Rashid Pedro Martinez. The Beach Area News Team met with Rashid to learn more about him and his vision for FAST.

Rashid was born and raised here in Progreso, although he has had the privilege to travel throughout Mexico.  He has two university degrees, one in Education and another in Ecological Tourism. He was working in Monterrey, Mexico before returning home to Progreso to take on this new assignment.

Rashid sees his job as being a channel of communication for the expat residents and snowbird visitors into city government. Rashid shared that the City of Progreso greatly values the many ways that foreigners contribute to the region, both from an economic development perspective and also in the way we support the various charitable programs that help the less-fortunate residents in the community. He noted that in some ways, such as garbage and caring for street animals, foreign residents care more about improving Progreso than many of the locals who have lived here all of their lives. Rashid speaks excellent English, which he learned by watching English music videos – he loves American rock & roll, hip-hop and rap!

His family has a long tradition of service to the community. His father also works for the City, in the water department, and his mother teaches social sciences in Carlos Marx Middle School, the largest public secundaria in Progreso. His grandfather came to Progreso from Lebanon in the years following World War II.

FAST services are available Monday-Friday, 8 am – 8 pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm. You can contact Rashid in the following ways:

Phone or WhatsApp: 999-155-6556

On Facebook: FAST Progreso

Through e-mail: fastprogreso@gmail.com 

That’s it for this edition of the Newsletter, but expect another one in a couple of weeks.  Enjoy the beautiful December weather!

The Beach Area News Team
Bob Rentz, Speranza Avram, Karen Cloutier, Dave Bloch, David Nevers

2019 Snowbirds & Expats Welcome Party!


Almadía Restaurant, on the Malecon between Calles 62 and 64, Progreso

Join us on November 21 for the Second Annual Expat and Snowbirds Welcome Party, organized by the State of Yucatan International Affairs Office and the City of Progreso.  Meet your old friends, make new ones, enjoy free Yucatan regional food, music and dance, and meet the public officials at work in our area.  Representatives from local nonprofit organizations and other entities will be on hand with information and to answer your questions about their services.

Here is the schedule of activities:

Welcome and comments

Tourism Director of Progreso: Introduction of the new Foreigners’ Service Assistance Window

Music and Dance Performances:

–Regional music by Orquesta Jaranera SSP
–Regional dance of the City of Progreso

Stay after the event for live music provided by local band Stepp On It.


State of Yucatán

    • Representatives from the Department of International Affairs or Department of the Governor’s Office
    • Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism

City of Progreso

    • C. Julián Zacarias Curí, Municipal President of Progreso.
    • Lic. Manuel Rosado Heredia, Director of Tourism and Commerce

Representatives from the American and Canadian Consulates of Mérida, Cancún and Playa del Carmen