ProLimpia Brochure Translation 3 Sept 2020

Below is a ROUGH translation of the Spanish-language brochure many have received regarding trash.   A couple of  important points:

  • The landfill mentioned is NOT for residents.  It is for construction waste and is not in Chelem, Chuburna, Chicxlub, Uaymitum or any location you may recognize.
  • The brochure mentions keeping your account up to date.   Registering and paying your fees at discounted rates is about to end.  2021 Budgets are in the works.  Make sure you get the discounted rates.
  • Calling the Ecology Police when you see something that is just wrong, continues to be a priority.–BeachAreaNews team


The Progreso City Council, by changing the Prolimpia address, invites you to familiarize yourself with your garbage collection service.

Since November 1, The Prolimpia company has been the only authorized management of solid household waste in the municipality of Progreso and its commasarios leading to the following actions:

  • Implementation of routes and schedules for each area of the ports and its commasarios.
  • Maintenance and pickup at established points for—Chelem-Chuburna.
  • Maintenance and pick up at established points for-Chicxlub-Uaymitun.
  • Sanitation of the Landfill and construction of the new Landfill. [This location is not for residents, but for Construction waste and involves a fee to use]
  • Special pickup service for large waste and mass CleanupsWith these and more actions we seek to mark a change to have a worthy and clean Progreso.  Your participation as a user is indispensable for the system to be sustainable. Help us:
  • Keep your service up to date.
  • Take out your garbage according to your route and schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Contact us to resolve your questions and concerns
  • Deliver your waste only to our collection units
  • Report pirate collectors who generate clandestine dump sites and damage the environment.

Currently we are carrying out a data update in our system.  We are currently using GPS for each Property, this in order to have more accurate information and that will be more effective and efficient, when we visit your property, this will allow:

  • Updating your property will make you aware of different promotions
  • Identification of the owner and/or occupant of the house
  • Provide phone notices for improvement of dealing of complaints and notices regarding service
  • E-Mail, providing a paperless system to make us more media friendly
  • If we visited you and you were not home, and you want to update your information, you can contact us making reference to Folio #_______ by any of these methods:

Or visit our offices located in the park on Calle 142 between Calles 31 and 33 in Progreso (near Yucalpeten).

We are at your service!  Let’s work together for the care of the environment.