Chelem and Chicxulub: Getting Trash Pickup

You’ve all heard about this happening; here is what to do if your home has been bypassed by ProLimipia’s trucks up to now.

  1. Go out to the street and take a photo of your house.
  2. From that spot, open the Maps app on your phone.  Wait for the spot that shows your location to settle down to exactly where you are, then
  3. Touch and Hold your finger on that spot until the the red icon shows up. Continue holding until the latitude and longitude appear at the top of the screen.
    (On some devices, when the red icon appears, you must pull up the white bar from the bottom of the screen until you see the lat/long numbers.)
  4. Write those numbers down exactly as they appear.
  5. Send that information, along with your name, street address, and any other helpful information (like your entrada) to ProLimpia via WhatsApp: 999 362 6077.
  6. ProLimpia may send someone to your house to confirm the location.  They will send trucks this weekend for a special garbage pickup.