Documents and Downloads

Worthwhile information to download and print!  (In an emergency, you might not be able to use your computer.)

  • LIST OF APPROVED COVID-19 TEST LABS — PCR and Antigen tests.  Includes (as available) phone/WhatsApp numbers, Websites and Facebook pages.  PDF file Uploaded 16 Jan 2021.
  • Our Beach Area News Security Leaflet is full of information and tips to enhance your safety and security in Yucatan.  Updated 11 March 2022.
  • Progreso Area Government Phones — Printable list of useful numbers
  • 911 Sample Dialog — We show side-by-side what a 911 operator may say to you, and how you should respond.  (Although you should be able to get an English-speaking operator, seconds can count!)
  • Hurricane FAQs — What to do before, during and after a major storm!  (Read this NOW, not when the storm is approaching.)  From the US Consulate General, Merida.
  • Shelters in Yucatan — A 35-page list of buildings where you can shelter from a storm.  Download, and then print the page(s) for the area nearest you.
  • SIAT-CT (English) — Detailed explanation on Mexico’s official five-color warning system for tropical cyclones.  The first page is excellent to print out in color and put up on a wall.
  • CFE Bill Annotated UPDATED!  October 2019:   We’ve taken a CFE bill and marked it up so you can read and understand all the different boxes and numbers!  Take the mystery out of this bi-monthly task.