Yucatan and Progreso Governments Welcome Expats and Visitors (2018)

This post is a lightly edited Google translation from a December 25, 2018 article in Yucatan Informa.  You can read the original in Spanish here.

Yucatan:  Open Door and Warm Welcome for Foreign Residents

Progreso, Yucatán, December 25, 2018.– Foreigners from the United States, Canada and Europe who arrived in Yucatan to reside in the territory and settle their homes on the coasts of the state received a warm welcome through a festival full of culture, tradition, music, dance and gastronomy typical of the region.

On behalf of the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the head of the Secretariat of Tourism Development (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman, led the reception ceremony to the 100 new residents called “Snowbirds Fiesta 2018”, where it was noted that they are already part of our home and not just visitors who arrive to spend a season.

Accompanied by the host mayor, Julian Zacarias Curi, the state official reiterated that the State Government is ready to work hand in hand with them to help the transformation of this part of the region, cooperating with their initiatives, their cultural expressions and traditions and at the same time show them the Yucatecan identity to make them feel at home.

In her message, Michelle Fridman pointed out that Yucatán has undertaken efforts to become a bridge and link with other regions and states of the country, mainly with those of the Southeast, but with the new air connections managed and those that the president has already started, the state becomes the gateway to know, live and work in Mexico.

Also, she recalled that in the two and a half months of this administration, it has increased the connectivity of the entity through seven new air routes and work is being done to improve the infrastructure and services of the port to attract more vessels and encourage investment in services, both tourist and residential.

The event was organized by the Coordination of International Affairs of the State Government, chaired by Ariadne Morales Acevedo, and was attended by a hundred foreigners from the United States, Canada and Europe who heard all the services offered to ensure their safety and tranquility, as well as facilitate the realization of the activities that this group of new residents carries out, whether of a private nature or with an altruistic character.

The event, located at the Cultural Center of Puerto Progreso, also had the presence of Commander Jorge Armando Albert Camargo, Operational Director of the Comprehensive Public Safety Centers (Zone 4); of the Subsecretary of Public Security, Alejandro Ríos Covián Silveira; representing the head of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda; Manuel Rosado Heredia, director of Tourism and Commerce of the City Council of Progreso; Natalia Almaguer, head of the Department of American Citizens Services of the US Consulate in Merida; and Speranza Avram, representative of the Volunteers of the United States Consulate and of the “Beach Area News” group.

In an interview, Speranza Avram pointed out that she decided to permanently settle on the Yucatan coast four years ago, attracted by the beauty and tranquility of its beaches, by security, by the Yucatecan traditions and the good treatment of the inhabitants of Progreso. She said she was very happy to live in Yucatan, a place she had visited many years ago, until she decided to buy a house and settle permanently.

The attendees enjoyed trova music, jarana dances and tasted baked pork cakes and cold agua fresca. In addition, booths with tourist information and medical, commercial and legal services were set up.

For its part, the Coordination of International Affairs of the State Government reported that its function is to be the link of the State Executive with the outside, give technical support to the secretariats in internationalization matters and provide assistance for the realization of international tours.

At the event, it was explained that the foreign community that arrives to Yucatan–people choosing to come at their own expense–positively impacts the local economy and when this population returns, it creates a very important social bond with the beach community, when performing altruistic activities.

The Coordination of International Affairs Office has a Foreigner Service Window which provides assistance and support to foreign citizens who reside in the Yucatan coast on a temporary or permanent basis. Their role is to put them in contact with the corresponding authority to solve all kinds of problems.

Its mission is to work so that every visitor who comes to the territory is treated with the same kindness and respect with which our fellow citizens are treated It is guaranteed that every effort will be made to make every visitor or resident feel as welcome as they would at home. The Coordination office encourages anyone needing assistance to not hesitate to contact the Foreigner Attention Window for guidance of any kind.

The Foreigner Service Window is physically located in the International Affairs Coordination office, in the Siglo XXI Administrative Building, on the 4th floor, Calle 20-A, No. 284-B x 3-B, Col. Xcumpich. Tel : 999 920 39 47 Ext. 47257. Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Or by Email (in English or Spanish): olivia.bakker@yucatan.gob.mx.

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